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Lincoln School
The Future Class of 1987
Photos submitted by 
Elizabeth (O'Connor) Campbell
Lincoln School- Kindergarten

Top row:  Catherine Keohane, Pasi Nurminen, Lauren?, Mike Greslik, Stacy Bazaz, Philip Oshmond, Dina Skeeba.
2nd row: Sylvio Rosalyn, Joe Muti
3rd row: Juliann?, David?, Kathy Baksa, Jason Leahy, Elizabeth O'Connor, Sean Reynolds, Beth Rubenstein.
Bottom row:  Vicky Pertot, Darren Gidney, Alice?, Stephen Barnes, Lynn O'Meara, Todd Bouverot, Sharon Flannery.
Lincoln School --1st Grade Mrs. Lane

Top row:  Philip Oshmond, Edwin Hessler, Kevin Hinds, David Edrich, Ira Strum, Luis Sachs, Mrs. Lane.
2nd row: Fred Schultz, Barry Williams, Kimberly?, Kathleen Fay, Erin Monaghan, Kathy Baksa, Scott Jacob.
3rd row:  Elizabeth O'Connor, Carolyn DelCorso, Judy Pennywell, Jodi?, Dawn Nogaki, AnnMarie Santini, Dina Skeeba.
Bottom Row:  Stephen Larsen, Todd Blecher, Joel Anson, James Murphy.
Lincoln School 2nd Grade Mrs. Zanetti

Top row:  Shayle Durkin, Anthony Crisafulli, Edwin Hessler, Jill Zeitvogel, Catherine Keohane, Denise McCabe,
Sharon Flannery, Joseph Sarah, Sylvio Rosalyn, Kevin Hinds.
2nd row: Dawn DelaRosa, Charlene Suson, Dawn Nogaki, Stephanie Napolitan, Julie Robertson, Beth Rubenstein,
Elizabeth O'Connor, Rachel Levy.
Bottom Row:  Michael Munno, Roger Fryberg, Sean Reynolds, David?, Tommy Lavin, Dean Karianis, Jamie (Jim) Colon.
Lincoln School 3rd Grade Mrs. Fox

Top: Jim Colon, Joel Anson, Steve Baroch, David Chittum, David?, Joe Muti, Michael Munno
2nd row:  Doug Moore, (?mystery?), Charlie Albera, Dennis Doheny, Bradley Freeman, Stacy Bazaz, Melanie Mauro, Jill Zeitvogel, Katherine Dotter.
Bottom Row:  Carolyn DelCorso, Sheryl Cosma, Stephanie Napolitan, Jennifer Chung, Bernadette Corrigan, Patti Read, Elizabeth O'Connor
PS>>> I have to apologize for the "mystery" person...does anyone know who it is??? If you figure it out let me know.  I am sorry for cutting you out and will buy you a drink at the next reunion.
Elizabeth (O'Connor) Campbell  BHS '87
Lincoln School 4th Grade Mrs. Leopold

Top Row:  Tom Hackett, David Chittum, (?mystery?), Steve Baroch, Tommy Lavin, Michael Munno,
Joe Muti, Mrs. Leopold
2nd row:  Jill Zeitvogel, Katherine Dotter, Melanie Mauro, Stacy Bazaz, Mike Greslik, Doug Moore,
Charlie Albera, Dennis Doheny
3rd row: Carolyn DelCorso, Stephanie Napolitan, Sheryl Cosma, Jennifer Chung, Doreen Coughlin, 
Elizabeth O'Connor, Patti Read
Bottom row:  James Murphy, Jim Colon
5th grade - Sandra Hendrickson Calrberg (BHS'67 Alumni)

Top row:  Niraj Desai, Tommy Williams, George Grube, Bradley Freeman, Mrs. Carlberg, Leslie Gordon, 
Stephanie Janazzo, Andy Romanelli, Mario Valente, Scott Macfie.
2nd row:  Heena Patel, Elizabeth O'Connor, Sharon Flannery, Lynn O'Meara, Regina Ruggero, Terri Holmes,
Beth Rubenstein, Carolyn DelCorso.
Bottom Row:  Todd Bouverot, Greg Jones, Tommy Lavin, Victor Lahdo, Darren Schnabel, Chris Conley
Lincoln School 6th grade Mr. Lockwood

Top row:  Fred Schultz, Mike Ream, David Rainey, Scott Macfie, Pasi Nurminen, Joe Muti,
Niraj Desai, Mr. Lockwood 
2nd row:  Sean Callahan, Tracy Schoenbaum, Denise DeLuca, Katherine Dotter, Melanie Mauro,
Lynn O'Meara, Tommy Lavin. 
3rd row:  Elizabeth O'Connor, Ellen Shure, Jennifer Chung, Doreen Coughlin, Regina Ruggero, 
Sonya Garabed, Charlene Suson. 
Bottom: Luis Sachs, Joel Anson

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