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Lincoln School
The Future Class of 1985
Photos submitted by 
Janet Amato 
Kindergarten - Mrs. Leopold

1st row- Bottom- left to right: ?, Paul Meade, ?, Joel, ?,  Kimberly?, Krishna Vankatash, Galinos
2nd row from bottom: Lynn Lowery, Joseph Hinds, Laura Van Zilen, Michael?, George Carion, Andrea Carlin
 3rd row from Bottom: Richard Baroch, ?, Scott?, George Rusch , Wayne Iazetti, Tracy?, Jeffrey Feinberg
 4th row from bottom: Allen Butler, Karen Gines, David Jump, Janet Amato
 5th row(top): Reneta Hentschel, Mr. Mongon, Mrs. Leopold, Steven Schwartz
1st Grade Miss Gilligan

Floor- first row: ?, George Carion, Scott?, Joel?, ?
2nd row: Susan?, Laura Van Zilen, Trish Hurley, Joanna?, Allison McDonald, Nancy?, Ellen O'Connor
3rd Row: Steven Zucker, Jeffrey Wogel, Steven Wheeler, Dina DePinto, Karen Gines, Maria Carluccio, Janet Amato
4th Row: Anthony O'Neill, Jeffrey Covitz, David Bitner, Frank Bifano, Thomas Hackett , Andrew Hartz, Paul Meade 
2nd Grade Mrs. Vegas

Bottom/First row- left to right: Janet Amato, Anthony O'Neill, Jeffrey Covity, David Bitner
2nd row: Paul Meade, Nancy, Andrew Hartz, Trish Hurley, George Carion, Maria Carluccio
3rd row: Thomas Hackett, Susan?, Joel?, Ellen O'Connor, Frank Bifano, Allison McDonald
4th row: Joanne?, John?, Stephen Wheeler, Dina DePinto
4th (top) row: Laura VanZilen, Jeffrey Wogel, assistant teacher, Mrs. Vegas, Steven Zucker, Karen Gines
Mrs. Smith- 3rd Grade

Floor: Bottom row- left to right: Ashley?, Joel, ?
 2nd Row: Janet Amato, Kimberly?, Nancy?, Trish Hurley, Allison McDonald, Laura VanZilen, Ellen O'Connor
3rd Row: Thomas Hackett, Jeffrey Wogel, Karen Gines, Joanne, Dina DePinto, Maria Carluccio, Steven Zucker, Jeffrey Covitz
4th Row: Scott Greer, Anthony O'Neill, Frank Bifano, Andrew Hartz, Paul Meade, John Crowley, Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Gordon 4th Grade

Bottom 1st Row- Floor: Frank Wachausen, Joel
 2nd Row: Andrea Carlin, Evette Seidita, Cherise Dovi, Lisa Paterno, Katie Doheny, Jodi Chaiken, Laura VanZilen, Janet Amato
3rd Row: Scott Greer, Krishna Vankatash, Sharon Sonderland, Diane McCann, ?, Anthony O'Neill, ?, Richard Baroch
4th Row: Mrs. Gordon(aka Mrs. Croot), Joseph Hinds, Thomas Hackett, Peter Heinz, Fred Toppe, 
George Rusch, Eugene Ferriter, Teacher Assist
5th Grade

Bottom/First row, L to R: Nicole Massara, Janet Amato, Trish Hurley, Jodi Chaiken, Nancy, Donna Gordon, Jody Montanaro
2nd Row: Andrew Hartz, Jeffrey Covitz, Edward Russo, Jeffrey Wogel, David Jump, Tracey Perez, ?, Denise Hernandez
3rd Row: ?, Joseph Majors, Jerry Stapleton, Scott Hansen, George Rusch, Richie Baroch, Frank Bifano, Joey Hinds
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